Learner Home Preferences - Subject Banner

On the Learner Home Preferences page, administrators can set the display order of Learner Home content and add custom banners and cover images to the Learner Home page. With this enhancement, administrators can also enable and disable the Subjects banner from this page.

To access Learner Home Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences > Learner Home Preferences. Select the division for which you want to configure preferences.

Enable or Disable the Subjects Banner

To disable the Subjects banner and prevent it from displaying to users on the Learner Home page, toggle the Subjects Banner switch to the Off position. The Subjects banner is enabled by default but can be deactivated at any time. If an administrator re-enables the Subjects banner after it has been disabled, users will again see the Subjects banner on their Learner Home page unless the user has already added subjects or has previously dismissed the Subjects banner by clicking the X icon within the banner.

For more information about configuring Learner Home Preferences: See Learner Home Preferences.