Leadership and Management Subscription Refresh

Create stronger managers across your organization with leadership and management training focused on motivating and engaging employees in the modern workplace. With this subscription teach managers how to rally their employees around a shared vision, make high stakes decisions in the moment, cultivate a positive, outcomes-oriented culture, and develop the systems needed to effectively manage team priorities.

Leadership & Management subscribers will automatically receive the subscription refresh with the May ’20 Release with the following additions:

  • New Grovo & Engagement Content
    • Sponsorship - Help managers use their internal reputations to create advancement opportunities for more junior team members; how managers can help employees from non-majority groups get recognition and visibility.
  • New Content from EMEA Providers
    • Cornerstone Content Anytime continues to expand offerings in French, German, and Spanish.
  • New Curriculum Blueprints - Curriculum Blueprints are available for the Professional Skills, Leadership & Management, and Remote Work Essentials subscriptions. Curriculum Blueprints are designed to help learning administrators create meaningful learning experiences with their CCA subscriptions, helping to increase engagement and improve performance across key skill areas. Each blueprint includes guidance on which courses to include and in which order, supplemented with blended learning materials that help employees put new skills into practice, to create the most effective and engaging learning experience. For more information and to download the blueprints, click here.