Cornerstone Learn - Playlists - Overview

Prior to this enhancement, users were unable to interact with playlists in the Cornerstone Learn app, aside from searching for them and saving them for later to be consumed on the desktop app.

With this enhancement, users of the Cornerstone Learn app can interact with playlists in the following ways:

  • Search for and filter by playlists via Learning Search
  • Follow playlists
  • Access playlists via a new carousel on Learner Home in the app
  • Consume training within playlists
  • Launch external content from within playlists in the app
  • View playlist metrics
  • Share playlists with other users

These enhancements will be made available for both the Android version and the iOS version of the Cornerstone Learn app with the May release. These enhancements are not available during UAT.


The following playlist functionality is NOT available for playlists within the Learn app:

  • Create playlists - Users cannot create playlists within the Learn app
  • Add to playlists - Users cannot add items to playlists within the Learn app
  • Edit playlists - Users cannot edit playlists within the Learn app
  • Copy playlists - Users cannot copy playlists from within the Learn app
  • View as administrator - Users are not able to view playlists as an administrator from within the Learn app
  • Follower and creator bios - Users cannot navigate to the Universal Profile of a playlist creator or a playlist's followers


In order for playlist functionality to be enabled in the Learn app, it must be enabled in your portal. For information about activating playlist functionality in your portal: See Learning Feature Activation Preferences.


This functionality is automatically available for both the Android and iOS versions of the Learn app.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Playlists - View Playlists will be visible to users with this permission. The user can search for playlists, follow playlists, and consume training contained within playlists that are available to them. The learning playlists that are visible to a user are not impacted by this permission, but instead is based on the availability of the playlist. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an end user permission. Learning - Administration