Register Device

Users can register a device via the My Account tab of the desktop version of the Cornerstone system and then complete the device registration using the app.

Within the desktop version of the Cornerstone system, navigate to My Account > DeviceS.

Add Device

  1. Click the Add Device button.
  2. Provide a device name and provide a temporary 5-digit PIN.
  3. The system will generate a device key.
  4. Log into the Learn app. An Alternative Login Method link will display on the login screen, along with a field for the system portal name.
  5. Input your portal name and tap the Register Device option.
  6. Input your temporary 5-digit pin and device key.
  7. The app will prompt you to either create a new 6-digit pin or configure biometric authentication.
  8. After you have configured a pin, you will be logged into the app. Continue to use the PIN you configured for future logins.
  • For information about configuring a PIN:See Learn App - Configure PIN.