Cornerstone Learn - Device Registration (iOS) and "Forget Me" Link

With the March 20, 2020 patch, iOS users can register mobile devices and generate a device key as an alternative authentication method for logging into the Learn app.

A Forget Me link has also been added to the App Settings page, allowing users to de-register their account from their mobile device.

These enhancements were made available for iOS with the March 20 2020 patch. These enhancements were made available for Android with the March 6 2020 patch.


  • The 5-digit PIN users configure during the device registration process is temporary, and users will be prompted to configure either a 6-digit PIN to use for future logins.
  • Users cannot configure device registration from within the Learn App; devices can only be registered from the desktop application.


This functionality is automatically available to all organizations using or planning to use the Cornerstone Learn app.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

My Account Devices - Manage Grants ability to access the Devices tab of My Account. The Devices tab enables users to register their mobile devices with the Cornerstone application. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an end user permission. Mobile
Order Status Adjusted This email is triggered when a user's order status is changed. This email can be sent to a specific user, position, Purchaser, or Order Status Adjuster. Billing