Android Learn App - Training Description

For users of the Android Cornerstone Learn app, the full training description displays on the Training Details page for each training item. If HTML features are included in the description, including formatted text, links, images, and more, these features display to the user. If the user taps a link to a Cornerstone system page that is included in the description, the link opens in the user's native device browser, and they will be prompted for their Cornerstone system login credentials.

Note: If no description has been configured for the training item, the Description section does not appear on the Training Details page.

Training Description on Approvals Page

On the Approvals page of the Learn App, training items in the list of approval requests display with up to four lines of the training description. If the description is longer than four lines, the rest of the description is truncated. To view the full description, the approver can tap the training item to be navigated to the Training Details page for the training.

For more information about the Approvals page: See Cornerstone Learn - Approvals Tab (Android).