Cornerstone Learn - Background Processing for Course Downloads (iOS)

Prior to this enhancement, when downloading training in the Cornerstone Learn app, it was necessary for learners to keep the Learn app open in the foreground of their device until the download completed. If the app was moved to the background of the device, the download process was aborted and an error displayed.

With this enhancement, when downloading training in the iOS version of the Cornerstone Learn app, learners can put the Learn app in the background of their device and the download will continue processing until complete. Note: This functionality was already available for the Android version of the app.


  • There are iOS limitations on how much processing can occur when an app is in the background. The main variables are how many apps are open on the user's device and how much CPU is being consumed on the device. This determines the priority and CPU capacity allotted to Learn downloads.
    • In most cases, 1-3 minutes should be allotted to perform background downloads. If Apple aborts the process, an error icon displays on the course the user attempted to download. The user can tap the icon and attempt to download again.
  • When downloading multiple courses, it is recommended that users briefly reopen the app periodically. This will reset the background processing time allotted by Apple and allow for the background process to continue.
  • For reference, 85% of Learn app downloads take less than 90 seconds.
  • It is recommended that learners use a stable connection, preferably WiFi, when downloading courses in the background.
  • If user quits the Learn app while a download is in progress, the download process is aborted and an error displays on the training.


This functionality is enabled by default after users update their Learn app from the Apple App Store. Note: This functionality was already available for the Android version of the app.

In order for training to be downloadable, a system administrator must navigate to the Course Catalog - General page for the training and select the Allow download for offline consumption option.