STS Authentication

Cornerstone's custom authentication framework, Session Token Service (STS), was deprecated in February 2020 and will be fully retired and unavailable in February 2021. During the deprecation phase, Cornerstone will no longer support STS. The STS endpoint will still be available during the deprecation phase, but Cornerstone will no longer address any defects or enhance this endpoint. Any requests to the endpoint will fail starting February 2021, when STS is fully retired.

Organizations will need to modify their code for existing integrations that use Cornerstone's API and switch to OAuth 2.0 from STS by February 2021. This only impacts Cornerstone's RESTful APIs, which includes the following:

  • Cornerstone's Foundational APIs (i.e. Cornerstone REST services)
  • Reporting API
  • Employee API (i.e. Cornerstone Core/CHR services)
  • Express Class API
  • Job Application API

The following are NOT currently impacted:

  • xAPIs