Data Exporter - Deprecation of XML Manifest With the October '20 Release & Addition of JSON Manifest for Non-Core Objects

When a data export is delivered, it contains a manifest which explains the contents of the export. Currently, the manifest for core objects is delivered in both JSON and XML, while the manifest for non-core objects is only delivered in XML.

With this release, Cornerstone is adding a JSON manifest for non-core objects in advance of the upcoming deprecation of the XML manifest in the October ’20 Release. The XML manifest will be provided alongside the JSON manifest until the October '20 release, at which point the XML manifest will be deprecated for both core and non-core objects.

The JSON manifest is richer in extended metadata, and Cornerstone now offers these additions:

  • Name (custom fields have their user-designated name)
  • Heading (when available at the table level)
  • Description (when available at the table level)
  • Cross-platform, cross-format data types
  • User defined object flag (at the object level)

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Data Exporter Starter Guide.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Data Exporter.