Check-Ins - Customize the Home Page

Check-Ins administrators can customize the look of the Check-Ins home page to accommodate an organization's brand and culture.

Administrators can perform the following tasks on this page:

To open the administrator edit view, go to Admin > Performance Management >. In the Check-Ins section, click Home Page Customization, and then select a division name.


Organizational Unit Selected

  1. In the Organizational Unit Selected area, click Change.
  2. On the Home Page Customization page, select the appropriate OU.

Overwrite the custom page settings for the associated child OUs: Click Edit Page, select Overwrite custom settings for all children, and then click Save.

The selected OU appears on the home page.

New User/Returning User

  • Click the New User tab to design a home page for first time users.
  • Click the Returning User tab to design a home page for returning users. Note: The Returning User tab contains a not-editable Recent Check-Ins section that does not appear on the New User tab.

Welcome Content

Administrators can replace the welcome messages or hide them completely.

  • To replace the welcome messages, put the cursor in the message area and enter the appropriate changes.
  • To hide the welcome messages, click Hide content.

Welcome Image

Click Hide content in the image area to hide the welcome image.


Administrators can edit the check-ins tips or hide them completely.

  • To replace the instructions, place the cursor in the appropriate area and make the changes.
  • To hide the instructions, click Hide content.

Button Name

The default name of this button will vary based on whether this page is for a new or returning user as follows:

  • Default button name on the New User tab: Get Started
  • Default button name on the Returning User tab: Create a new Check-In

To change the button text, click the button to open edit mode. When you are done, click a blank area outside of the button to save your changes.

Getting Started Tips

To hide the getting started videos, click Hide content.


All of the text on the home page can be localized. To localize, in edit mode, click the localization globe and enter the appropriate text on the flyout.