Check-Ins - Follow-Ups

Check-Ins meeting participants can now use the meetings and topics page to create follow-up action items for a specific meeting.

You can perform the following tasks for follow-ups:

To view the meetings and topics page, go to Performance > Check-Ins and then click the appropriate check-in on your dashboard.

Create Follow-Ups

  1. Put the cursor in the area where you want to add a follow-up action item. For example, if you want to add a list of follow-up action items to an individual note, put your cursor in that area.
  2. Type the first follow-up action item, and then click the check-mark box in the styles row. The action item appears with a check-box.

    Tip: If you want to add another follow-up, hit enter and type your next action item.

Assign Follow-Ups to a User

To assign a follow-up to yourself or another user in the meeting, hover over an action item, click the add icon, and select a user. The selected name appears after the follow-up. If configured, the selected user is notified that they are assigned a follow-up action item.

Once a user is assigned, their personal avatar is visible. The avatar functionality is available in a later patch.

Change the Follow-Up status

To mark a follow-up complete, click its check-box. If a follow-up is not complete, its check-box is unchecked.

View a Summary of Follow-Ups


Click the Follow-Ups icon to open the Follow-Ups flyout. Follow-Up items are listed by topic.

  • Outstanding tab - Displays the follow-up items that are not completed. Click the item's check box to change it to completed status and move it to the Completed tab.
  • Completed tab - Displays the completed follow-up items. Uncheck an item's checkbox to return it to not completed status and move it back to the Outstanding tab.

The Follow-Ups flyout is synced with the main topic display, so any action taken in either area is reflected in both areas.