Usability Enhancements

The following smaller enhancements for the February '20 release are intended to improve the user experience for Reporting 2.0:

Additional Summary Options for Chart Data

When summarizing by a date field on a chart, a calendar icon now appears to the right of the Summarize by field. Clicking the icon opens the following additional summarizing options:

  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
  • Calendar Quarter
  • Calendar Year

Incumbent Permissions/Constraints Apply to Succession Reports

Prior to this enhancement, incumbent permissions and constraints only applied to Job Pool Succession Reports.

With this enhancement, incumbent permissions and constraints apply to both Job Pool Succession Reports and Succession Reports.

UAT Availability Note: This feature is not available at the start of user acceptance testing (UAT) for the February '20 release. This feature will be available at a later date during UAT.

Expand/Collapse Filter Section on Report Viewer

This enhancement lets you expand and collapse the filter section on the Report Viewer page.

Date Format in Chart

Prior to this enhancement, the date format for charts followed the default system format for dates, while reports followed the date format based on the user's culture.

With this enhancement, the date format in the chart is based on the user's culture, which matches the report output.