Enable Reporting 2.0

Reporting 2.0 is currently in the Early Adopter development stage and must be self-enabled in your portal in order for the functionality to be available for users. Once enabled, users must also be assigned the permissions necessary to access and use the new report builder.

Each Early Adopter client should have a stakeholder experienced with building custom reports. The stakeholder(s) should build report templates and share them with other users. The other users do not need Custom Reports experience, as they will simply be using templates and downloading reports. Note: Without a stakeholder with fair to moderate Custom Report experience (or comparable experience with a reporting/analytics tool), the user experience may not be as successful.

Click here to download the Reporting 2.0 (Early Adopter) starter guide.


Administrators who are at the CESadmin level may complete the following steps to enable Reporting 2.0:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core Preferences > System Preferences > Reporting 2.0 Activation Preferences.

  1. Click the Activate button on the Reporting 2.0 Activation Preferences page. This opens a confirmation pop-up.
  2. Click Activate on the pop-up to activate Reporting 2.0. This returns you to the activation page. A green success message appears if activation is successful.

Once the functionality has been activated, the activation cannot be undone. The activation will have no impact to standard or custom reports. All of your existing standard and custom reports and their settings will still be available. Any shared reports are also available. Existing permissions for standard and custom reports will still be available and remain assigned to users.

Note: You can click Cancel in the confirmation pop-up if you do not want to activate Reporting 2.0 at this time. You can return to the activation page when you are ready to activate Reporting 2.0.

Note about Copydowns: If you request a copydown from a portal without Reporting 2.0 activated, please also request that the activation page be re-enabled. You will need to re-enable (e.g., if you are enabled in Stage but not Pilot/Production, and copydown, you will have to re-enable in Stage.)

Supported Environments

The following environments are supported:

  • Stage - All clients may opt-in to Early Adopter.
  • Pilot - All clients may opt-in to Early Adopter.
  • Production - All clients may opt-in to Early Adopter.