Request Candidate Feedback

With the new feedback request feature, recruiters can:

  • Request candidate feedback from anyone in the organization at any point in the recruiting process
  • Have an email sent to recipients, with a direct SSO link to the candidate review page
  • Allow recipients to recommend advancing or not advancing a candidate and leave comments when configure
  • Request feedback even if a candidate is in a Closed or Hired status

How to Request Feedback

To send a feedback request:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Candidates page.
  2. Select Request Feedback from the More drop-down. This opens a feedback request flyout that lets you configure your request.
  3. Search for users to request feedback from. Or, select a user from the Recommended section, which is a list of the hiring manager and requisition reviewers who are already associated with the requisitions that are part of your request.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Add a message to the recipients. This is optional. Note: If you exit the request without submitting it, your message text will not be saved.
  6. Configure the following feedback preferences:
    1. Request candidate feedback - This option is checked by default. When checked, recipients are required to select an advance or pass option when submitting feedback.
    2. Allow comments - This option is checked by default. When checked, recipients will have the option to leave comments about the candidate. Recipients will not be required to leave comments. If you uncheck this option, then the Comment section will not appear for reviewers.
  7. Check Email me a copy to send a copy of the feedback to yourself.
  8. Click Continue. This submits your requests and opens a pop-up with an SSO link you can copy and include in other applications, such as a chat.

Once your request is submitted, reviewers receive an email with a link to the feedback page. If you entered a message in your request, the email will include your message. See Give Candidate Feedback.