Candidate Messaging & SMS (Pilot) - Overview

Prior to this feature, the only way a recruiter could send trackable communications was via in-product email. Only certain email types could be tracked, and tracking was unreliable as it required candidates to reply-all in order for tracking to be preserved.

The new Candidate Messaging feature allows recruiters to converse with candidates directly inside Cornerstone Recruiting through an instant messaging-style interface. Candidates will be notified of unread messages via email and SMS (where available and possible) and can respond directly to recruiters using a link in the notification.

For the February '20 release, Candidate Messaging is available from both the Manage Candidates and Applicant Profile pages.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • Fast and effective communication with candidates
  • Communications can be tracked visibly across the recruiting team so that multiple team members can engage with the candidate without causing confusion or excessive overlap

Use Case

Joe applies to a sales job at company ABC. Alice, one of several recruiters working on the requisition, sees Joe's application and wants to reach out to the candidate.

Alice selects Joe in Manage Candidates and clicks Send Message from the More drop-down. A flyout containing the messaging interface appears, and Alice types and sends a message asking Joe for a phone interview.

Joe receives an email notifying him of an unread message about his application at ABC. Since he supplied a working mobile phone number as part of his application, he also receives a similar notification via SMS. Joe clicks the link in one of the notifications and is taken to a Web experience where he reads Alice's request for a phone interview. Joe uses the messaging interface to respond to Alice with his availability.

Alice's colleague Bob, who is also working the queue of newly submitted applications for the requisition, does not know that Alice has already considered Joe because Alice forgot to update Joe's status. Bob reviews Joe's application and decides he would like to reach out to Joe. However, once he selects Joe and clicks Send Message, he sees that Alice has an ongoing conversation with Joe in another tab and that she has already reached out to Joe for an interview. Bob updates Joe's status and lets Alice know that he corrected Joe's status.

Alice is notified by email that Joe has responded to her message. She logs in to her Cornerstone portal and navigates to the Candidate Message page, where she selects Joe's message thread in her inbox. After coordinating schedules, Alice selects a time and replies to Joe with a confirmation of his interview and contact details.

A week later, Alice has decided to advance Joe and two other applicants to the final round of interviews. Alice uses the candidate messaging interface to select the candidates who will not be moving forward and sends them a bulk message informing them of their status. She also selects Joe and the two other advancing candidates and sends them a bulk message informing them that ABC would like to move forward with them in a final round of interviews.

Joe and the two other applicants individually receive Alice's message and coordinate interview dates separately with Alice.


For the February '20 release, this feature is only available to pilot program participants.


The following new permission applies to this functionality, which is added to the Requisition Owner and Applicant Reviewer by default:

Candidate Messages: View and Send Messages Grants access to Candidate Messaging & SMS functionality. This permission cannot be constrained. This permission is added to Requisition: Owner and Applicant Reviewer roles by default and can be added to other security roles by the administrator. Recruiting

The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Requisition: Manage Grants ability to access and manage all requisitions regardless of ownership (constraints permitting). This permission also grants read-only access to the Applicant Review tab when creating or editing a job requisition. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, and Grade. Recruiting
Requisition: Owner

Enables owner to access requisitions and applicants for requisitions for which they are an owner. This permission also grants read-only access to video interviews that are completed by applicants via HireVue. For portals with Referral Suite enabled, this permission also enables requisition owners to edit the referral source on the Applicant Profile page. This permission cannot be constrained.

Note: This is a dynamically assigned permission that is not available in Security Role Administration. If the user is removed as an owner, the permission is revoked for the associated requisition. This permission cannot be manually assigned. Also, if a user has both the permission necessary to manage requisitions and be a requisition owner, the constraints of the Requisition: Manage permission overrule those of the Requisition: Owner permission. For requisition owners that do not also have permission to manage requisitions, only certain fields are editable when editing a requisition.