Candidate Email Verification

Before this enhancement, any user could create a profile on a career site by using an email address. Once the profile was created, the user would then have access to the profile, regardless of whether they actually had access to the email address they used to create the account. This created a security concern as it might be possible for person 1 to apply as a guest and for person 2 to create a profile using person 1's email address. If this were to happen, person 2 would have access to person 1's application data.

With this enhancement, administrators can require candidates to verify their email address before gaining access to sensitive application materials via My Profile on the career site. Verification is performed when the candidate clicks a verification link in a system-generated email that is automatically sent when they create their account. The link opens the career site, where a message appears indicating whether the verification was successful. From here, candidates can quickly access the job search page and their My Profile page.

Note: The email that is sent to the candidate is not customizable. This is a system-generated email. In order for the email to fire, a default "from" email address must be present in a backend setting. The backend setting can be configured by contacting Global Product Support.

If a candidate attempts to verify their email using an invalid verification link, or if they attempt to verify after the link has expired, they will see a message informing them that their verification was unsuccessful. They will be able to request a new verification link by clicking a link in the message.

Activate Candidate Email Verification

Administrators can activate and deactivate Candidate Email Verification from Feature Activation Preferences. Click Activate to activate the functionality. Once activated, you can deactivate this feature by clicking Deactivate.

To access Feature Activation Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Feature Activation Preferences.

Use Case

Karen is a Recruiting Admin at Acme. She wants to ensure her candidates' application data is secure, so she enables the Candidate Email Verification functionality on her portal.

Tim applies for a job on the Acme career site. Upon completing his application, Tim has the option to create a profile. Tim chooses to create a profile, and after entering the required information he sees a message letting him know that an email has been sent to him so he can verify his email address. Tim receives the email, clicks the link inside it, and is taken to a verification page. Tim sees a message letting him know his email has been successfully verified, and he can now access his profile. Tim reviews his profile and sees his application information.


Upon implementation, this functionality is available for all portals using Recruiting.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Recruiting Feature Activation Preferences - Manage Grants ability to access and manage Feature Activation Preferences in Recruiting. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Recruiting Administration