Configure Modalities

Modalities can be configured for individual training items via the Course Console and also in bulk via the Course Catalog.

Configure Modalities for Training Item

Administrators have access to a Course Console page for each training item in the Course Catalog, which allows them to manage various aspects of a training item from one central location.

To access the Course Console, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog management > course catalog and then search for a specific LO using the Search the Catalog field. After you have found the LO for which you want to view the Course Console, click on the LO's title. This navigates you to the Course Console page for that LO.

If modalities have been enabled in the portal, an editable Modality field displays on the Course Console page. To edit modalities for a training item, click the Modality field. This opens a drop-down menu. From the menu, check the boxes for any modalities which should be associated with the training item. When you have finished selecting modalities, click the green checkmark icon to apply your changes to the training item.

Configure Modalities in Bulk

Using Course Catalog batch edit functionality, you can modify the thumbnail image that displays for training on the Learner Home and Learning Search page in bulk. To edit modalities for multiple learning objects (LOs) at once, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog. Select all the training items for which you want to configure modalities.

Edit Modality

On the Edit Modality page, check the boxes of all the modalities which should be associated with the training items you selected from the Course Catalog. Click the Submit button to submit your selections.

Modalities on Learning Search

On the Learning Search page, users can use modalities as filters to help narrow their training searches. In the Modality filter section, each modality type displays as a checkbox. The user can check to box next to any modalities to apply them as a filter. The number of training items associated with each modality displays next to the modality type in parentheses.

Note: If no training is associated with a modality type, the modality type does not display in the Modality filter section.