Learning Assignment Tool Enhancement

Prior to this enhancement, a new version of a material would be assigned to users who were no longer included in a learning assignment's user criteria, because they previously had the material assigned to their transcript when they were included in the learning assignment's user criteria.

With this enhancement, this behavior has been corrected, and users who are no longer part of a learning assignment's user criteria do NOT receive an updated version of a material when the material is upgraded for the learning assignment.

Use Case

  1. Sabeen is assigned Curriculum A, which contains Material A v1 via the Learning Assignment Tool.
  2. Later, Sabeen moves to a job in another department and no longer meets the criteria for the learning assignment, and Curriculum A is replaced on her transcript with Curriculum B because now she is included in the assignment criteria of a new learning assignment which contains Curriculum B. Curriculum B also contains Material A v1.
  3. Curriculum B is versioned as a result of Material A v1 being removed from the curriculum structure. Material A v1 is no longer contained within Curriculum B or on Sabeen's transcript.
  4. Material A is versioned to v5.
  5. Sabeen does NOT receive Material A v5 on her transcript, as she is not included in the assignment criteria of any learning assignment which contains Material A v5.


This functionality is automatically enabled in all portals using the Learning module.