Learning Search - Exact Title Match

When using Learning Search, if an exact title match is found, that training item is prioritized and returned higher in the search results than other items. This allows learners to find relevant training results quickly and accurately. However, if a user searched for a training title that is not offered in their display language, no exact title match would be found, and a course with that title would not be prioritized in search results.

With this enhancement, users can receive exact title matches for training items offered in languages that are not their own by searching for the training using its default title.

Use Case

Gavi is a content administrator at ACME Corp. He creates an online course called "The Importance of Being Modest." Gavi's display language is set to English (US), so the default language of the training and the title of the training is set to English (US). This means that English (US) is the language in which the training displays to the user if the course is not localized in their language. Gavi also configures a localized title in Spanish (Spain) of "La importancia de ser modesto."

Maya, a user whose display language is set to Italian (Italy), logs into the system and searches for "The Importance of Being Modest." Learning Search is able to find an exact title match using the default title even though the course is not available in Maya's display language.

Henri, a user whose display language set to Spanish (Spain), logs into the system and searches for "La importancia de ser modesto" and sees Gavi's course prioritized in search results.


This functionality is applied to the following system areas:

  • Learning Search
  • Learner Home
  • Global Search (only if the Learning Search option has been selected instead of Traditional Search via Search Preferences)

For more information about selecting the search engine for Global Search: See Search Preferences - Training.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all portals using the Learning module.


See below for common questions and answers about this feature:

Q: How do I know the default language or title of a training item?

A: Access the Course Catalog page for the training item and view the Default Language field on the General tab.

Q: Can I edit the default title of a training item?

A: If your display language matches the default language, simply edit the title of the training. If your display language does not match the default language, click the localization icon next to the Title field on the Course Catalog - General page for the training and change the title of the training for the default language.