Cornerstone Learn - Improved Login Experience - Overview

With this enhancement, the Cornerstone Learn app mobile login process has been improved to reduce friction and provide mobile learners with a more intuitive experience. The features are available with the new mobile login experience:

  • PIN - Users can configure a PIN. Users will be prompted to set up a PIN during their first online login. If this prompt is dismissed, users are able to configure a PIN in Learn App Settings.
  • Offline Login - Offline login into the Learn app is supported for users leveraging credentials, PIN, and Biometric authentication methods. Users must initially log into the app while online via any supported method. Users will then be prompted to enable Biometric, then PIN. After configuring either of these methods, this login method is remembered by the app until changed by the user. Note: Either PIN or Biometric authentication can be enabled; both cannot be configured simultaneously.
  • Display Configured Login Page - After selecting a login method (PIN, Credentials, SSO, Biometrics), users receive the login page corresponding to their last elected authentication method, and they are prompted to log in via this method. For example, if the user initially configured a PIN, the next time they open the app, they are prompted to enter a PIN during login. Corporate colors and image, as well as the user's first name also display.
  • Re-authentication for Biometric users - If a user fails or accidentally dismisses the Biometric prompt, the app re-prompts them, allowing the user to retry the authentication.
  • Help Modal - The app has been updated with more help prompts and a help modal explaining what the user's portal name is.
  • Alternative Login Method Selection - Users can toggle between login methods, allowing them to switch between SSO and credentials if needed. After entering a valid portal name on the initial login screen, the Alternative Login Method link becomes enabled. Tapping this link opens a modal, in which the user can switch login methods. The user will then progress through the existing login flow, ultimately allowing them to set a PIN or enable biometric authentication and log in to the app.

This enhancement is not available at the start of UAT; it will be made available with the Feb 7th release.

Use Case

ACME Airlines frequently deploys compliance training to its pilots, engineers, and flight attendants, to help them stay current with aviation regulations. ACME Airlines utilizes SSO to authenticate the learning management system when an internet connection is available. However, because employees are often flying, a large portion of ACME's user base frequently does not have access to the internet or data.

In the aviation industry, it is common practice for flight attendants and pilots to take compliance training during downtime on flights. Because employees can log into Cornerstone Learn while offline via PIN or Biometric and download content, these employees are now able to complete their compliance training offline. There is no need to remember credentials, and there is no need for an internet connection, so ACME is able to more effectively maintain compliance.


Users may only have either PIN or Biometric enabled at a given time; they cannot have both configured simultaneously. They can change this method at any time via Settings.


  • This functionality is available for the iOS version of the Learn app with the Feb 2020 release. Users must update their app via the Apple App Store.
  • This functionality is available for the Android version of the Learn app with the Feb 2020 release. Users must update their app via the Google Play Store.