Cornerstone Learn - Additional Custom Links

With this enhancement, organizations using the Cornerstone Learn app can add up to ten custom links to the navigation panel of the app. These custom links can be configured via the Mobile Preferences page.

This enhancement will be made available during a post-release patch.

Use Case

ACME Corp is a manufacturing company that leverages the Cornerstone system for both Learning and Performance. Much of their workforce are on the factory floor, and they use smart phones and tablets to complete compliance training, perform on-the-job observations, conduct check-ins, post to Connect communities, update goals, and more.

ACME Corp has just rolled out the Learn App to allow their workforce to easily consume training via their mobile devices. In the navigation panel of the app, they have also included custom links to a few mobile-responsive Cornerstone system pages, such as Observations Checklists, Connect, Check-ins and Goals, allowing ACME to provide their users with an even more integrated experience.


This functionality is automatically available to all organizations using or planning to use the Cornerstone Learn app.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Mobile Preferences Grants ability to manage Mobile Preferences. This permission cannot be constrained. Mobile