Reporting 2.0 (Early Adopter) Enhancements

The following enhancements are made to Reporting 2.0 as part of this patch release:


The Reporting 2.0 functionality must be self-enabled. For self-enablement information. All clients can opt-in to Early Adopter in Stage, Pilot, and Production portals. See Enable Reporting 2.0.

Each Early Adopter client should have a stakeholder experienced with building custom reports. The stakeholder(s) should build report templates and share them with other users. The other users do not need Custom Reports experience, as they will simply be using templates and downloading reports. Note: Without a stakeholder with fair to moderate Custom Report experience (or comparable experience with a reporting/analytics tool), the user experience may not be as successful.


For the full list of existing permissions and their relationships, see the permissions spreadsheet in Online Help.